Author and Editor

Don.pngDon is an entrepreneur with over thirty years’ experience in new venture, incubator and company startups who from 1999 through 2014 has been involved in the start-up and executive management of five Swedish based and three foreign based companies established in Sweden. Don's work experience in Sweden includes government and private sector work as both a management and ICT consultant, management involvement in non-profit organizations and experience working with group companies in Sweden. 

Don is actively involved in two business areas within Aurenav Sweden: Business Services where Don works with business development, HR, regulatory compliance and company formation services; Professional Services where Don leads a consultancy practice consisting of management, engineering and information and communication technology (ICT) consultants that serve the Nordic and Baltic markets. Don is also heavily involved in international ICT security research & development and consulting work in North America and Europe. 

A US expat, Don has lived and worked in many countries and has extensive business experience across North and South America, Europe and Asia. Don is a management consultant, an ICT enterprise and solution architect at Aurenav Sweden’s Stockholm office and is the group CEO for Aurenav.