One of the biggest challenges in writing a book about living and working in Sweden is how to keep the book and the reader up to date on the frequent changes that take place each year. With over 450 pages and over 220 references, a printed book can convey a lot of information – especially for important background information on Swedish concepts. The next step is to address the need to provide timely information on change. By the very nature of being printed, a book contains content fixed in time. To meet this challenge, this website provides two important features to help people that have purchased the book to keep up-to-date and informed:

  • Membership Service - Anyone that purchases the book Live and Work in Sweden can follow the instructions on the Membership Coupon, included in each copy of the book, to get a free, limited time (currently one year from date of purchase), News Subscription Service.

  • News Subscription Service including:
    • Important updates to topics covered in the book.
    • Additional information relevant to the book.
    • In-depth news articles on important topics in Sweden.
    • Discussions on pending legislation and regulatory changes.

The launch of the Membership and News Subscription Services will take place over the next month – if you want to stay updated, please subscribe to our newsletter.