Publishing & Website Manager and Copy & Production Editor

Jay.pngJay plays an important role in maintaining reference links, content updates and keeping the book website up-to-date with the latest changes in Swedish law and administrative policies. Jay is responsible for final editorial and design layout for the book and manages the team responsible for researching and keeping the book and website current. 

Jay is actively involved in Aurenav's business development and consulting services for technology startups and entrants in the Swedish and Danish markets. As a web design and business development consultant, Jay has worked with over 100 companies in the private sector, focusing on their website projects and web presence with social media, many of which include traditional and digital print brochures, catalogs and magazines. 

A US expat, Jay has gained first-hand experience in adapting to life and work in Sweden since his move to Gothenburg from the state of Vermont in 2008. Jay studied information technology and management at DeVry University in the US and in his spare time enjoys working on automobiles as well as outdoor activities such as hiking and traveling with his wife and two children. Jay joined Aurenav in 2008 and is currently the Chief Technology Officer working out of Aurenav's Gothenburg office.