Swedish Tax, Finance and Accounting Regulations Researcher

Christos.pngChristos contributes expertise in Swedish tax and accounting law, financial regulations and corporate bookkeeping standards for many sections of the book. As a former controller of a large multinational, Christos provides valuable insight on important aspects of Swedish law and regulation that impact multinationals doing business in Sweden including transfer pricing, accounting standards and financial reporting requirements. 

Christos is a long-time resident of Sweden where he has raised a family. As an expat from Greece, Christos has brought important insight on multinational operations in Sweden to the book. Christos provides important fiscal leadership and management of full life-cycle accounting to large and medium sized multinationals entering and operating in the Swedish market. 

Christos is a certified ekonomist (certified accountant) and a member of the Swedish “Civilekonomerna” professional association for certified accountants. Christos holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and is completing a Master’s degree in Risk Management (ongoing) with 30 ECTS in Data Analysis & Statistics. Christos is the Chief Financial Officer at Aurenav (since April 2013).