Legal Research and Contributor

Claes.pngClaes joined the book project In April 2014 and is its primary researcher on Swedish law and regulatory issues. In addition to his legal contributions to the book, Claes has also contributed important aspects on Swedish society and the legislative process.

Claes is a native Swede and has previously written for several college newspapers. During the spring 2014, Claes was the Editor-In-Chief and main author of Acta Ostrogothica XVII (Records of Östergötland, Volume 17), a historical chronical sponsored by the fraternity Östgöta Nation (est. 1646). In his spare time Claes enjoys historical research and choral song. Claes was educated at the Faculty of Law at Uppsala University, with corporate tax and real-estate law as his specializations, but has also studied economics, gender studies, Egyptology and Norse runes.

Claes is currently the Corporate Legal Counsel and a Legal Consultant at Aurenav Sweden.