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Doing Business

Cash Registers

If you sell goods and services for cash payment or payment by debit/credit card in Sweden, you are required to have a certified cash register. Skatteverket must be notified once the register is installed. The aim of this relatively new legislation, enacted on 1 January 2010, is to protect legitimate business owners from unfair competition.

By law, all cash registers must be certified. This means they must have a manufacturer declaration and must be connected to a certified control unit. Skatteverket will periodically visit your business to ensure that you are complying with the legal requirements. These are monitoring visits and inspections and may be unannounced.


All businesses need to maintain careful records of their transactions for accounting and tax purposes. A large part of this is dealt with through the preparation of invoices for customers. Skatteverket sets out various criteria that must be included on invoices, which can be paper or electronic.